Kelly Park Sketch Outing

The South Bay Urban Sketchers met at Kelly Park in San Jose. The whole park is designed to look and feel like what San Jose was like in early 1900s. It is setup with old houses, farm equipment, tolleys, cars etc. and such a joy to visit and sketch. 

I don't have much time to write today but just wanted to write a quick post to share the sketches I did today.

This sketch of an old timey gas stattion didn't look like much until the last 10 minutes. What Joseph Zbukvic says is right after all. You have to keep faith that it will all come together.

I couldn't leave without doing at least one more painting, so I quickly got this one down. Clearly I have a lot more work to do in capturing the sense of light, but this is a start.

I am usually a lot more prolific, but I am noticing that is taking me longer to finish a painting than it used to. However, that could also be because I am able to tackle more and more complex subjects than I ever used to before. For example, earlier I would be happy to paint a single tomato, but now I can paint a whole bunch of them and it is not (too) scary. Growth indeed :-)

It was a good day of painting. Must keep on keeping on.