Sketch meetup at Barnes & Noble

A group of us met at the Barnes & Noble today to sketch. The forecast was rain for this weekend, so an indoor location was preferable. It was convenient too because this one has a Star bucks inside, so we could all sit and sketch. 

I REALLY love drawing people, so that's pretty much what I did. I am thankful to my group for letting me sketch them. 

In terms of material, today I experimented with diluted ink in my Duke 209 pen. I quite like the light lines, it allowed me to be more gestural without overloading the sketch with unwanted lines. I also tried out the waterbrush today. I usually use a regular watercolor brush, but I was not sure if B&N would allow me to carry my water around the store, so I packed the waterbrush. One immediate difference, and this might just be me, is that the I tend to use less paint with a waterbrush and so it ends up having very low contrast. 

I turned around in my seat and sketched the view of the bookshelves and the people browsing the books. There was a lot of detail in the scene, so the main challenge was deciding what to keep and what to leave out. I spent more time on this sketch than I usually do on sketches, but I am happy with the results.

Overall it was a productive meeting, and we all went back home with lots of lovely sketches.