At the beach

I got asked to join my dear friends to go to the beach and I am so glad I went. I hadn't spent time at the beach in a long long time, and definitely not since I started sketching. 

The weather was in the low 60s, so we brought enough layers and were mostly comfortable until late afternoon. The wind, however, was a whole another matter. It was so windy that if I didn't keep an eye on my palette, napkins, brushes etc they'd be blown away and I would never find them again. I am so glad that I packed the clips to hold the paper in place, otherwise there would have been no sketching. It was a bit difficult to get organized in the beginning in all that wind, but once I got going it didn't bother me much at all. In fact I was so engrossed in my sketching that I didn't realize the weather turning cold and my fingers freezing :-)

I did a few sketches of the landscape and the people at the beach. Here are a couple. 

Below is a sketch of my friend enjoying watching the pelicans and the sea lions.

And here is one I attempted of the landscape where I tried to capture the interesting cloud shapes. This was one of the first sketches I did yesterday. It is not very successful but I blame it on the wind :-)