World Watercolor Month #3

Some super quick flower paintings for today's practice, all done from Hazel's Sloan's book. It gave me an opportunity to use some colors that don't usually use, like transparent violet, azo yellow, sap green.


I used cobalt violet, sap green and some azo yellow for the above bellflower. I did a contour wash of the entire flower, let it dry and went in with darker cobalt violet wet in dry for the shadow areas. I added some brown to the sap green to make the darker and duller green for parts of the leaves and the stems.

I used alizarin crimson for the bell flowers, and transparent violet and burnt sienna mixture for the branch. At the end I dropped in a bit of that dark mixture into the dark areas of the bell flower for further definition.


The daisy was done in cadmium red, azo yellow and viridian. It took all of 3 minutes to do this one.