Another cloud study

I wanted to swish some paint around and paint some clouds today. I think these clouds are not as bad as the ones from a few days ago :-)

Here is a sunset sketch painted from a picture I took from the train. Most of the picture was gray except for a little sliver of red around the horizon. 

sunset in watercolor

Here is another sketch quite a bit early in the sunset, where there is that warm glow at the edges of the clouds, but the colors are still muted and cool for the most part.

And with this one, I chose a reference picture of some stormy clouds and enjoyed painting the gray sky in payne's gray. 

stormy sky in watercolor

I really like looking all three of these together. They are all paintings of sky, but they all look so very different! Still a long way to go in my sky practice, but this is a good start I would say :-)