Picchetti Ranch with South Bay Urban Sketchers

The South Bay Urban Sketchers met at the Historic Picchetti Ranch today for a few hours of sketching and sharing. I always enjoy the opportunity to sketch with fellow sketching enthusiasts, and this one was no different. 

I packed a ton of supplies, including my new easel, because I couldn't make up my mind as to what I wanted to focus on today. While I didn't get a chance to open my easel today, I am glad I packed a bunch of supplies because I did do a whole bunch of sketches in a variety of styles.

I got started for the day drawing this piece of old machinery at the winery. I did the first sketch in pencil, with the idea that I will get a good sense of the shapes, the composition etc. I have been trying to make it a practice to do some graphite sketches before doing the watercolor sketches. I hope that this becomes a habit eventually, but I have to make a start somewhere in order for it to become a habit :-)

I was watching Liz Steel's Edges videos recently, and I was so inspired by the juicy, melting sketches that she makes. I loved her use of watercolor pencils to do soft edges and also add texture. I tried to do something similar here.

Then I wanted to switch styles and go direct to watercolor. I still didn't have my full watercolor kit out, but I had my tiny watercolor box and waterbrush out, so I used those to do this quick sketch of the trash cans. I have to admit, I don't like using a waterbrush. I like a real brush, despite the hassel of having to carry a water container, water etc.

It was a good day of sketching, and I have enough material to attempt a few more sketches and paintings.