Warm + Cool / Light + Dark

I set myself a little exercise today to explore the contrast achieved by using warm and colors, and light and dark values. This exercise is inspired by Marion Rivolier's workshop at USK Manchester 2016. I saw a little snippet of it on Watercolor Sketching youtube channel.

I chose a photograph that has good composition, so that I didn't have to worry about that aspect. I then did a very quick value study.

I then moved on to doing the following studies :

  1. A study with all cool colors
  2. A study with all warm colors
  3. A study with warm and cool colors but similar values
  4. A study with warm and cool colors with value variation

And then finally attempted a little watercolor painting of the same subject, this time with a little more care and planning (but not too much apparently, it still looks pretty sketchy to me :-) )