Urban sketching workshops!

Urban Sketchers is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year, and are celebrating with year-long workshops all around the world. Click through this link to find who all are participating and where you signup for a workshop.

San Francisco Bay Area Workshop Series

As part of the 10x10 series, we are organizing a series of 10 workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can find more details of the workshop here.

We have a fantastic lineup of 10 instructors, teaching a variety of topics related to urban sketching. Whether you are a seasoned sketcher, or never sketched in your life before, there is something for everyone. Urban Sketchers is a movement the embraces spontaneity and immediacy, and your willingness to be part of your environment capturing it on paper is all that is required. The spots are filling up fast, so register soon.

My workshop : Drawing Fundamentals for Urban Sketching

I am honored to be teaching alongside such wonderful artists, and my workshop specifically is about drawing fundamentals as they apply to urban sketching. My goal is to simply the concepts, and teach the principles that are most important to doing a quick capture of an urban scene and create a pleasing sketch. The idea is to arm everyone with the skill and the confidence to set out on their journey of urban sketching.

From the brochure:

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Instructor: Srivani Narra Ward

Date: Mar 11

Time: 1pm - 4pm

Location: Meet in front of HanaHaus coffee shop, University Ave, Palo Alto

Description: If you like to draw but are intimidated by being out and about with your sketchbook, this is the workshop for you. The goal is to get you comfortable sketching outdoors in a friendly group environment, and arm you with skills you can use to make drawings that you can be proud of. We’ll focus on using simple drawing tools that you can carry with you everywhere. You’ll learn drawing principles that will help you distill a complex scene into a simple, pleasing sketch that captures the immediacy and energy of the place.

Materials provided:

  • Handout with drawing principles covered in the workshop.

  • I will have a good assortment of drawing materials (like paper, pens, colors etc.) with me for everyone to use.

Materials to bring:

  • A sketchbook, size 5x8 or above, that can take watermedia. I use Stillman & Birn Epsilon.

  • 2B/4B graphite pencils or mechanical pencil, eraser.

  • A selection of waterproof pens of your choice.

  • Travel watercolor kit, waterbrush or regular watercolor brush (in which case you will need to pack water supply). If you don’t have a travel kit, I recommend something simple like Winsor Newton Cotman Watercolor Sketchers Pocket Box.

  • A portable stool (recommended but optional).

Please email suhita@gmail.com for more information and registration.

View from the Starbucks at the local Barnes and Noble