Back to painting

I cannot be happier about the daylight savings time. It used to be dark by the time I leave work, and everything would be dreary and sadness-inducing. But now, the weather is warm and there is a good two hours of daylight left if I leave work at 5:00PM (well, this rarely happens, but I am hoping to make it a habit to leave early so I can paint. Fingers-crossed.)

Today I went out to Alviso, which is just a mile or two from home. My intention was to paint the marsh at sunset, but I got distracted by this beautifully lit Mexican restaurant on the way. I parked the car, set myself up on the sidewalk and went to work. 

Taco de oro in watercolor

Tomorrow, I will take a picture of my new sketch kit and setup. The new setup worked out beautifully and it was very compact (well, compact in comparison to my watercolor easel that is, not in comparison to my sketch kit).

Today's highlight was interacting with a lady who only spoke Thai and communicating with her in made up sign language about my painting. She told me that my painting was good :-)

Well that is all I will say for now. Tomorrow I will do a better job of taking pictures of the process and also the setup.