Daily painting 05-28-2017 (#4)

Today's painting is a further exploration of the casein medium. I do see progress from yesterday. One thing I found is that it always looks horrible in the beginning and even midway through, but slowly things start pulling together. So don't give up before adding shadows and highlights. 

Today's study is a copy of one of Carol Marine's daily paintings.


What attracted me to her paintings are the unusual compositions that make everyday subjects interesting. I am told that I am a timid composer, which is true, and that is why I am trying to learn from people who do things very differently.

I, then, wanted to experiment with what casein would do on a mid tone surface, so I picked a piece of scrap chipboard to practice on. I like that I don't have to worry about eliminating the white of the paper, and that any white is intentional white. 


Daily painting 05-27-2017

I had a set of Casein paints sitting in my shelf for a few months now. I bought them when James Gurney released his Casein in the Wild video. I never got a chance to play with them simce then, things were a little too hectic to get started with a new medium.

We kept this long weekend free of all activities, so I got a chance to break open the new set, get a palette prepped, setup a simple still life and just have a go at it.


It was a chqllenge working in this medium that activates with water but behaves nothing like watercolor. It is neither opaque nor transparent and i had a hard time figuring out what to do with it. Granted it is just a first painting and things take longer than an hour to learn :-)