Back blogging

I had been sketching and painting (not a regular practice but as well as it can be while caring for an infant), but I haven’t blogged in a long long time. Part of the reason was paucity of time (you know, pregnancy, birth of our baby girl, and caring for the said baby :-)), another part of it was being disheartened and disappointed in my art. Times like these, it is wonderful to have encouraging friends who cheer you along, make suggestions but most importantly just be there. Thanks to Suhita for encouraging me to be gentle with myself, keep things simple and mostly importantly share my work.

Today I was able to sneak out for a couple of hours to sketch in our neighborhood. I got myself a coffee and settled down to sketch.

I did the obligatory coffee sketch to get warmed up.


Followed that by a few sketches of vignettes from the neighborhood. Here is one.


Okay, admittedly, this is not much of a blog post, but it is a start. See you all tomorrow!

Cafe Frascati

Dear hubby and I decided to spend this lovely summer day out and about. We are currently enjoying a nice cup of tea and some sketching time together at Cafe Frascati.

cafe frascati sketch

cafe frascati sketch

I did a pen drawing first with my Duke bent nib pen, and followed it up with some watercolor done with water brush. I am quite happy with how this sketch turned out. 

People sketching and coffee-shop hopping

We spent the evening with good friends over coffee/tea at a couple of coffee shops, and I enjoyed chatting and sketching the people.

At the second coffee shop I spotted this man at the next table who was fast asleep, so he was a PERFECT subject. I worked directly with watercolor, and I am especially happy that I stopped before I overworked the thing. I really enjoyed painting this.

man at peet's 

And just to show that not everything quite works out the way you want it to, and that it is okay to fail ... I am posting the other sketch I did that I am not happy with. Everything feels like a win if we remember that, if nothing else, it is a learning experience.