Daily painting 06-03-2017 (#10)

I couldn't do the daily painting yesterday, so maybe i will make up for it by doing two today :-)

Here's one from this morning. There was a bunch of junk food from last night's boardgaming session lying around the living room, so I thought why not try it.


It was challenging, but so fun! I am still trying to get a hang of how to apply the paint, how to organize my colors on my palette and which brushes to use for what purpose etc. It is going to be a long process, but I have a good start I think.

Daily painting 06-01-2017 (#9)

Today I did some rendering practice in oil.


I was using the canson xl pad so far, and having a lot of trouble with it.  I see to be picking up more paint than I was laying down. My frederik canvas pad arrived today so I thought I will try that and see if it makes any difference, and it did! I was able to control the blending a bit better.


It is still very early days of course but better than my efforts so far. 

Daily painting 05-30-2017 (#6)

This is my first oil painting but in so many ways it is informed by my watercolor painting. In so many ways art is just art, the techniques may vary but what works in one medium works in others. 

I worked from a picture for this one, and since I am still learning how this medium works, my goal was not to make a realistic rendition. I was more interested in making the painting look interesting despite my lack of skill with the techniques. I feel that i was able to achieve that in this study.  And considering this is my first oil painting ever, I am really kind of proud of it.


Daily painting 05-29-2017 (#5)

Okay granted this is not a painting, but it is a big deal for me. I have wondered what oil painting was like since forever, and finally had the courage to try it today. I just have cheap student quality stuff on me right now. I loved the experience enough that I placed a BIG order on blick for oil paints.

I feel a little bit like I am cheating on watercolor :-)