Alphonso Dunn and pen and ink sketching

A package containing the new Alphonso Dun book and a new S&B Alpha sketchbook arrived in the mail, and I knew it was a promise of a wonderful weekend with lot of learning and exploring.

Pen and Ink Drawing: A Simple Guide by Alphonso Dunn

I have been a follower of Alphonso Dunn's youtube channel for a long time and I learned a lot about drawing and composition from him. His book is packed with all manner of great exercises that build your drawing skills from the ground up. 

After spending some time going through book and doing some exercises from the first few sections, I was inspired to try my hand at a pen and ink drawing of my own. I chose a picture from the "Photos for Artists" facebook group with good light and shade and went to work.

Pen and ink drawing of a door

I am curious to see how I would approach this subject after my art class with Alphonso Dunn. I am only on page 36 of the book right now, after all.