Fresh oranges from the grove

There is always something interesting going on in our neighborhood that is worth sketching. As my friend Iva and I were out on our weekly therapy a.k.a sketch outing today, some passers by, having noticed our interest in the grove, tipped us off about the oranges from the grove being sold at the other corner.

We made our way to the other end to grab a bag, $3.50 for a big bag of those delicious oranges that I now feel we know so well, having spent all those afternoons sketching them. Inspiration struck, and we decided to stop and sketch the lady selling the oranges. We asked for her permission to sketch, Iva worked her charm in Spanish, and the lady was enthusiastic. She even posed for us! 

The lady selling oranges at the grove

Never a dull day in San Jose, especially if you have your sketchbook with you.