More artgraf practice

Husband and I are continuing to do figure drawing together, and here is one of mine from today.

One thing I am noticing in  my sketches is that my quick drawings of faces has become more convincing than before. All of that head drawing practice must be paying off. I still not get any good likeness, but that's beside the point as these are supposed to be gesture sketches not portraits.

Most days I am so tired by the end of the day from work and chores that I find myself not having the mental bandwidth to think of anything elaborate to work on. I like to keep a regular art habit though, and figure drawing seems to work out best. There isn't a whole lot of decision making on what to draw or paint (hubby chooses one or two pictures for us to work on), and keeping the tools simple (pencil and artgraf, or monochrome watercolor) makes it simple to setup and tear down. 

The other advantage of doing these simple figure drawings is that it affords me an opportunity to think of ways to compose an interesting picture by manipulating the value patterns, while keeping most of the other parameters constant.