Earth tone artgraf and more life drawing

Encouraged by the success we have been having with the artgraf watercolor graphite, we bought a set of earthtone graphite by artgraf. It arrived today and I tried it out in today's life drawing. Here are a couple.

I am proud of this first one because I started with gesture lines as opposed to my obsession with getting the contours in. I think this pose captured the original gesture quite well.

life drawing in earth tone artgraf watercolor graphite

You can see the color swatches of the earth tone artgraf on the right. The colors are quite suitable for figure drawing. The main trouble I had was using a small brush. The graphite doesn't like being mushed around unlike watercolor, so the right size brush is important. I could have lived without all the streaks in this picture.

life drawing in earth tone artgraf watercolor graphite

The next one is just regular graphite. I quite liked the gesture in this one too. I think I am getting somewhere capturing the human body.