Daily painting 05-30-2017 (#7)

Today I returned to my first love, watercolor. I chose to work from a picture of these cute sheep taken by an artist friend. I really liked the strong light and shadow in it. I have never painted sheep before, but there is a first for everything right?

I am not crazy about the rocks, and about the awful marks in the water. These are the things I might focus on next time. I lost a few of my brushes in the recent travels, and the lack of flat brishes made it difficult to add the crisp shadow edges in the rock faces. I might have to remedy that soon.

I enjoyed planning in layers, which I rarely ever do. I started with a yellow ochre wash over almost every thing other than the highlights on the sheep. When that is reasonably dry I painted the greens, followed by the shadows in the rocks and the sheep. I then deepened the rock shadows and painted the dark water.  

I will have to try this again and learn from the mistakes from today.