Daily painting 06-11-2017 (#13)

Sometimes when I am low on inspiration and emotional energy it is hard for me to paint anything original. In times like these sometimes it helps to not challenge myself too much and just do something simple and manageable. I flip through my art books, pick a simple sketch or painting and make a quick copy. Here is one such from Edward Norton Ward's book First Impressions.


Daily painting 06-10-2017 (#12)

Things have been a little rough in my personal life this past week due to illness of a beloved family member, and it was kind of hard to get into the headspace of painting.

I am not going to beat myself up about missing a week of painting and just get rigjt back on the horse. Today I did a few exercises from Catherine Gill's book Powerful Watercolor Landscapes. Here is one which is a copy of one of her 'demo' paintings from the book.


Daily painting 06-03-2017 (#10)

I couldn't do the daily painting yesterday, so maybe i will make up for it by doing two today :-)

Here's one from this morning. There was a bunch of junk food from last night's boardgaming session lying around the living room, so I thought why not try it.


It was challenging, but so fun! I am still trying to get a hang of how to apply the paint, how to organize my colors on my palette and which brushes to use for what purpose etc. It is going to be a long process, but I have a good start I think.

Daily painting 06-01-2017 (#9)

Today I did some rendering practice in oil.


I was using the canson xl pad so far, and having a lot of trouble with it.  I see to be picking up more paint than I was laying down. My frederik canvas pad arrived today so I thought I will try that and see if it makes any difference, and it did! I was able to control the blending a bit better.


It is still very early days of course but better than my efforts so far. 

Daily painting 05-30-2017 (#7)

Today I returned to my first love, watercolor. I chose to work from a picture of these cute sheep taken by an artist friend. I really liked the strong light and shadow in it. I have never painted sheep before, but there is a first for everything right?

I am not crazy about the rocks, and about the awful marks in the water. These are the things I might focus on next time. I lost a few of my brushes in the recent travels, and the lack of flat brishes made it difficult to add the crisp shadow edges in the rock faces. I might have to remedy that soon.

I enjoyed planning in layers, which I rarely ever do. I started with a yellow ochre wash over almost every thing other than the highlights on the sheep. When that is reasonably dry I painted the greens, followed by the shadows in the rocks and the sheep. I then deepened the rock shadows and painted the dark water.  

I will have to try this again and learn from the mistakes from today. 


Daily painting 05-30-2017 (#6)

This is my first oil painting but in so many ways it is informed by my watercolor painting. In so many ways art is just art, the techniques may vary but what works in one medium works in others. 

I worked from a picture for this one, and since I am still learning how this medium works, my goal was not to make a realistic rendition. I was more interested in making the painting look interesting despite my lack of skill with the techniques. I feel that i was able to achieve that in this study.  And considering this is my first oil painting ever, I am really kind of proud of it.


Daily painting 05-29-2017 (#5)

Okay granted this is not a painting, but it is a big deal for me. I have wondered what oil painting was like since forever, and finally had the courage to try it today. I just have cheap student quality stuff on me right now. I loved the experience enough that I placed a BIG order on blick for oil paints.

I feel a little bit like I am cheating on watercolor :-)


Daily painting 05-28-2017 (#4)

Today's painting is a further exploration of the casein medium. I do see progress from yesterday. One thing I found is that it always looks horrible in the beginning and even midway through, but slowly things start pulling together. So don't give up before adding shadows and highlights. 

Today's study is a copy of one of Carol Marine's daily paintings.


What attracted me to her paintings are the unusual compositions that make everyday subjects interesting. I am told that I am a timid composer, which is true, and that is why I am trying to learn from people who do things very differently.

I, then, wanted to experiment with what casein would do on a mid tone surface, so I picked a piece of scrap chipboard to practice on. I like that I don't have to worry about eliminating the white of the paper, and that any white is intentional white. 


Daily painting 05-27-2017

I had a set of Casein paints sitting in my shelf for a few months now. I bought them when James Gurney released his Casein in the Wild video. I never got a chance to play with them simce then, things were a little too hectic to get started with a new medium.

We kept this long weekend free of all activities, so I got a chance to break open the new set, get a palette prepped, setup a simple still life and just have a go at it.


It was a chqllenge working in this medium that activates with water but behaves nothing like watercolor. It is neither opaque nor transparent and i had a hard time figuring out what to do with it. Granted it is just a first painting and things take longer than an hour to learn :-)

Daily painting 05-25-2017 (#1)

After many weeks (or is it months?) of crazy work and travel schedule I am happy to be back to painting again. 

At this point, being staved of art for so long, I am ready paint like a mad person and also I like challenges. I was reading Carole Marine's book on daily painting and that gave me the idea to try it myself.

Good or bad, small or big, do a painting everyday and share it here - this is what I hae challenged myself. 

Today's painting is a copy of Hazel Soan's painting from her book. Master copies is a great way to learn, and I always learn a lot when I copy paintings I admire. The idea is not to make an exact copy, but is to make a study of the painting and make mental notes on the learnings while creating the study.


Daily painting 05-26-2017 (#2)

Today's master study is a copy of John Lidzey's "Flowers in the studio".

I found this painting while looking through Hazel Soan's Flower Painting Workshop book.


For tomorrow's study I want to repeat the same painting but with a little Tom Hoffmann thrown in, i.e. paint the shapes first and think about how much farther in the painting process do the elements need to be seperated.