I discovered my passion for painting in watercolors two years ago, initially as a way to add color to my urban sketches, but soon the passion to paint in watercolors took on its own meaning and I have been going full-steam ever since. I am a self-taught artist, and I learn by daily practice and active self-critique.

I enjoy rendering any scene, whether it is a landscape, still life or portrait, into large and small shapes, building contrast and harmony through tone and color. In Hazel Soan's words, I enjoy using the subject to paint a beautiful watercolor, not use watercolor to paint the subject. This makes the choice of subject irrelevant and I paint a wide variety of subject matter. In the end, it is the process of design, abstraction, and the spontaneity of achieving this quickly in watercolor which is exciting to me, and this is what drives my painting process.  
I believe in demystifying the artistic process, and I blog here regularly about my learning experience and artistic journey.